Acknowledgement from for disclosing a security vulnerability

Some time ago I've been testing the security of - a platform for online education using Python.

While doing that I stumbled upon a security vulnerability which lead to getting me shell access to one of the nodes in the cluster.

After discovering the vulnerability I've been working with the Security Team at in order to identify the root cause and eventually patch the security hole.

VMware vSphere CLI tips & tricks with vPoller

As a sysadmin I often have the need to get information about an environment quickly and efficiently. I am sure that most of the fellow sysadmins out there also automate their daily tasks in some form of scripts and tools, which make their life easier.

In this post I will share with you some of the CLI tools I use in order to automate stuff when working in a VMware vSphere environment. Over time they've proven to be invaluable to me and saved me a lot of time, so hopefully it will do the same for you.

vPoller version 0.2.0 - pyVmomi support, new features & highlights

The VMware vSphere Distributed Pollers, a.k.a vPoller has reached version 0.2.0.

The v0.2.0 release of vPoller comes with a lot of new features, bug fixes and lots of new methods for discovery and collecting of vSphere Object properties!

Below you will a summary of the changes in vPoller version 0.2.0 along with a detailed changelog.

For more information about vPoller please refer to this article, which explains the design and goals of vPoller.

How I managed to get shell access to provides a platform for online education where one can learn how to program in Python.

It is one of these projects that make the world better by providing online & free education to people. If you are new to programming and want to learn some Python, I'd suggest you visit site and take some (why not all) of the courses they have!

My First Arduino Projects

I've been an owner of an Arduino board for some time already, but until very recently I didn't really find some time to play with it.

I do have experience with computing and other IT stuff, but honestly I wouldn't say that I'm very experienced when it comes to electronics and microcontrollers, so that was something new for me to learn, and while doing it I'm having lots of fun! :)

Releasing the UNIX/Linux Wargames Project code

Some time ago, I've started a project with educational purposes called the UNIX/Linux Wargames.

The idea of the project was to allow people put their hands on a UNIX/Linux system and learn new stuff -- how to use the OS tools in order to do cool things. At the time I've started with the UNIX/Linux Wargames Project there were other similar projects, but they were meant for programmers or were strictly security oriented.

Interfacing with Infoblox WAPI using Python

General Information

Infoblox develops some really nice products for automating and managing your network infrastructure services such as DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management (IPAM) and others.

In this post we will see how we can interface with the Infoblox WAPI using Python in order to get, create, update and delete objects from an Infoblox instance.

Importing AD/LDAP users and groups into Zabbix

I've been a Zabbix user for quite some time already, but one thing that I always wanted and Zabbix lacks as a feature so far is the ability to import AD/LDAP users and groups.

Zabbix already supports authentication against an AD/LDAP directory server, but in order for you to authenticate against the AD/LDAP directory server you need to have the users imported to the Zabbix database first.

Now, that could easily become annoying especially when your AD/LDAP directory server has lots of users and groups and you want to allow them access to the Zabbix Frontend.

vPoller version 0.1.1 - New Features & Improvements

The VMware vSphere Distributed Pollers, a.k.a vPoller has reached version 0.1.1.

New features and improvements have been added to this version of vPoller. Below you will find a summary of the changes in vPoller version 0.1.1 along with a detailed changelog.

For more information about vPoller please refer to this article, which explains the design and goals of vPoller.

vPoller -- VMware vSphere Distributed Pollers written in Python

Table of Contents

  • General Information
  • Requirements
  • Installation of vPoller
  • Configuration of vPoller
  • Starting vPoller components
  • Using vPoller
  • Discovering ESXi hosts on a VMware vCenter server
  • Discoverying datastores on a VMware vCenter server
  • Polling vSphere Object Properties
  • Using the management interface of vPoller
  • vPoller Helpers
  • Further reading

General Information


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